SEO & Speed Optimisation

Befound with thorough Search Engine Optimisation of your web pages. Maximise your marketing with data-driven insights and measure results and add value to your company

What does our SEO & Speed Optimisation Entail?

SEO requires a detailed analysis of each webpage, bringing out its uniqueness and allowing search engines to rank your pages highly. SEO must be maintained and updated in accordance with ever-changing rules and regulations.


On page SEO

We implement a checklist of critical techniques for optimum Search Engine Optimisaiton. It is crucial for every website to adhere to certain development standards to have a strong SEO score.


Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the other half of what makes your website and your web pages rank highly on search engines. It is pivotal to implement the correct standards and protocol for a good Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


Speed Optimisation

Speed is a priority for SEO as it brings the best usability and user experience necessary to rank high on search engines. Speed optimisation requires its own independent strategy and procedure for the best results.


Benefits of our SEO and Speed Optimisation Service

Search Engine Optimisation requires a combination of professional programming, a comprehensive understanding of search engine standards and a due diligent analysis of your market, competition and audience. We bring a combination of these factors to deliver premium results.


Let customers find you through their search queries and search intent. Stand out from a crowd of competition.


Attract customers to your main pages, products and services, especially necessary in saturated markets.


As more users take to mobile we optimise websites to give your customers a quick and easy user experience.


We optimise websites for speed to ensure you stay competitive in your market and to help you stand out from the rest.

Our SEO Optimisation Process

This process summaries our SEO strategy but just scratches the surface to the detail that is required for each website and webpage to ensure a high SERP ranking.


On Page Analysis

Our on page SEO analysis involves: image optimisaiton, head tags optimisaiton, keyword analysis and optimisaiton, internal and external linking, metadata techniques and more.


Off Page Analysis

Off page SEO needs to be consistent and up-to-date. This involves your social media management, your content publication, backlinks and overall branding/publishing consistency.


Speed Optimisation

You have to deliver a quick website on mobile and desktop, otherwise you will lose customers and business. Speed is of the essence for SEO and for user experience.


Website Analysis

We monitor and analyse your website and webpage speed across a multitude of algorithms to ensure that your website complies with various standards of speed testing.

What our SEO Analysis Covers

Below is a variety of techniques that our SEO professionals utilise in order to enhance your SERP ranking and to give your website a higher SEO score.

Search Engine Optimisation
  • TickKeyword Analysis
  • TickContent Structure
  • TickHeader optimisations
  • TickStructured Title Tags
  • TickURL Configuration
  • TickAccessibility
  • TickAlt Tags
Speed Optimisation
  • TickImage Optimisation
  • TickAbove-Fold Rendering
  • TickImage Compressions
  • TickCaching
Speed Optimisation
  • TickMinifying
  • TickLazy Loading
  • TickFont Configuring
  • TickFCP and FID Focus

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