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Drive traffic to your website and maximise conversions with our strategic SEO service. Get your keywords to the top page of Google and befound.

Key SEO Objectives for Growth

Our objectives are project-dependent, however, there are some focal targets and achievements that our search engine optimisation service offers to the benefit of each client:

  • Full-scale website audit
  • Competitor and market industry research
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Rank keywords first on Google
  • Maximise organic website conversions
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Search Engine Optimisation Agency Services

As a web development and SEO agency in Cyprus, we are committed to providing a bespoke SEO service to all customers around the globe, adding to our already global reach. See some of our SEO services below.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is fundamental in boosting page rankings on serch engines. Our SEO service can audit your website assessing and optimising your on-page SEO via header strucutres, keywords, title tags, internal linking, image alt tags and a whole lot more.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

This refers to the factors external to your website that can potentially affect your search engine optimisation score. Anything from your social reputation, to backlinks, authority, security and more can affect your off-page SEO score. See how our approach can help you.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimisation can give your website that competitive edge, helping you rank above your competitors. Technical SEO involves speed optimisation, schema markup, optimising meta data, validating your crawling status and more. Let us handle the technical side of SEO.

E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO

Make sure your products are optimised for search engines and sell like crazy. By optimising product pages, category archives and shop pages you can grow your revenue as your products become easier to find on search engines and by your users. Let us know if you need SEO for your online shop.

WordPress SEO


Is your website built on WordPress? Our WordPress SEO service can help optimise your pages for search engines. Let us dive into your WordPress backend and make your webpages optimal for Google, Bing and other search engines. WordPress SEO is as important as it is necessary.

SEO Audits

SEO Audits

Is your SEO working? With our SEO audits we keep you in the loop throughout the process. We compare and contrast data to show you the effectiveness of our SEO service. Monthly audits help identify how your website is performing and in what areas it can be improved.

Local SEO

Local SEO

Are you selling products and services locally? Then you must take advantage of local SEO. Show your website to your local audience and spread your brand by ranking on high on Google and other search engines. Utilise Google My Business and befound with local SEO.

Speed Optimisation SEO

Speed Optimisation

Optimising your webpages for speed is fundamental for your SEO. Google does not like slow loading websites, so don't be one of them. Speed up your website and provide a better user experience (UX) so your customers can find what they are looking for.

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Want to know our strategy? Our SEO roadmap and strategy outlines how we feel your website and your company can best benefit from an SEO service. We plan a minimum of 6 months of strategy to help your website improve its organic traffic and befound online.




Absolute Websites will consult with the client in order to understand the business, the products and/or services, audience demographic, branding and any current ongoing marketing and website stratagies. This will allow us to prepare a comprehensive plan for your company.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

A thorough competitor research strategy will allow us to identify who ranks in the highest positions for your target keywords, it will help us to understand what they are doing to rank in their current position and show us what works in your industry and what doesn't. The more we know, the better.

Content Writing


We will conduct a full SEO website audit for your website, this will outline and identify any issues, look for areas of improvement and show our SEO team why your current SEO is performing at its level. A website audit is necessary to then optimise your company's website.

On-Page Optimisation

On-Page Optimisation

Absolute Websites will put together a robust on-page optimisation task list that will work based off of phase 1's results. We will have positioned ourselves to implement a correct strategy to your website, optimising meta tags and data, sitemap correction, identify compaitiblity issues and more.

Content Correction

Content Correction

Content is king. This common SEO term highlights the importance of good, trusted and optimised content on any webpage. The content correction technique allows us to analyse, review and correct your current website's content, optimising it for search engines.

Link Structure Analysis

Link Structure Analysis

Optimising your link structure, inbound, outbound and internal links, can significantly affect your SEO. We make sure that the "link juice" of your internal linking structure is properly distributed, focus on high-priority pages, analyse the authority of any inbound links and much more.

Link Building

Link Building

Building trusted and credible links that sends traffic back to your website is a core factor for improving your SEO. We provide a backlink strategy that encompasses a form of online PR to help imrpove the domain ranking and SEO score of your website.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Creating content that performs is essential to boost your SEO. Content needs to be relevant to the user, trusted and reliable in order for a business to succeed. Therefore, our native English speakers can create industry-focused content that will improve your website's SEO.

Analytics Review

Monthly Analytical Reviews

As we implement our strategies we will monitor everything from start to finish and closely assess and display your company's SEO performance. We will be able to detect changes in your analytics to see the performance of the SEO strategies implemented and provide monthly reports.

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Why Use Us For Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation requires a combination of professional programming, a comprehensive understanding of search engine standards and a due diligent analysis of your market, competition and audience. We bring a combination of these factors and more to deliver premium results.

Team of SEO Professionals

With our SEO team, you will be closely working with industry experts to increase your website's SEO.

Full Support & Transparency

We provide a fully transparent seo service, keeping our clients in the loop at all times.

Absolute Client Dedication

We take on a personal appraoch to our SEO services, giving you our full dedication.

Clear Reporting & Consulting

With monthly reporting and audits, you will always know how your website is being effected.

Speed Optimisation for SEO

A major part of optimising your website for SEO lies in speed optimisation. If your website is slow, you will likely see negative effects, with users quickly leaving your webpages and your SEO rankings are likely to be affected. With speed optimisation, you can make sure your users are not left frustrated.

Image Optimisation

Images are the main killer of speed for most websites. It is important to understand how to properly add images to your website. For best results, we believe to keeping images around a maximum size of 100kb-200kb. Some things you can do to optimise images are:

  • - Serve images in next-gen formats
  • - Lazy-loading images
  • - Serve images in their correct dimensions
  • - Image compression
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File Optimisation

Websites consist of different types of files, mainly you have your CSS files (files that style the website) and your JS files (files that make your website intereactive), these can be minified, reduced and optimised for better loading speeds which then benefits your SEO.

  • - Remove unused code from CSS & JS files
  • - Minify & compress the code into fewer lines
  • - Give priority to the files that need to be served first
  • - Use Async and Defer tags
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A great way to speed up your website and benefit your UX, is by caching files. Caching means that your files will be temporary stored, so when your website is revisted, it will be much quicker to access these files. Files that can be cached are:

  • - Images
  • - PDFs
  • - HTML
  • - JavaScript
  • - CSS
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Sever Types

The type of server that hosts your website can play a huge part in regards to the speed in which your users access your webpages. If your users are in Cyprus, but your server is located in America, then there will be a slow server response time. Some different types of servers are:

  • - Shared (Basic)
  • - VPS
  • - Dedicated
  • - Cloud
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Plugin Optimisation

If your website is built on platforms such as WordPress, it is easy to get lost in the amount of plugins, they are easy to download and can be great at doing things you want them to do. However, every plugin you download adds weight to your website, this can cause severe speed issues for your users. How can you optimise your plugins?

  • - Reduce the number of plugins used
  • - Use certain speed plugins to help make your website more efficient
  • - Only run plugins that are used for each page
  • - Find better plugin solutions
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  • What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

  • Search Engine Optimisation (aka “SEO”) refers to the process of improving your website’s discoverability in terms of organic traffic and ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing and other search engines. With an effective SEO strategy, search engines will help you by placing your business directly in front of those who are actively looking for the products and services you provide. When people search for certain terms and keywords on Google and other search engines, with good SEO, your web pages can be found and be first when people search.

  • How long does it take to see results from SEO?

  • In most cases SEO can take a minimum of 4-6 months to see improvements required to place you “on the map”. Once the full effect of a good SEO strategy is implemented, the benefits of an effective SEO strategy are profound. An SEO strategy optimises your on-page, off-page and technical fundamentals of your website. Essentially, what your SEO strategy will do is compete against your competitors who currently occupy the first-page positions on search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • How will my website be equipped for SEO?

  • Your website will tackle the first pillar of SEO. On-page optimisation, this is the structure and fundamentals of a website, which will be setup for SEO. On-page SEO will look at optimising the right keywords in your industry, structuring your website effectively and initiating a good UI and UX for your users. Additionally, your website will meet requirements of technical SEO, such as speed optimisation, using the correct meta tags, optimising the more technical parts of a website.

  • Can you help us rank on Google?

  • Absolutely! Ranking a website on Google with SEO is an important aspect of having an online presence. Following a consultation where we hope to learn more about your brand and its specific niche, we will develop a tailored SEO strategy to meet your target audience across the major search engines.

  • Why is speed optimisation important?

  • Having a fast website means your users will be able to find the information they are looking for much quicker. Slow websites, in most cases, make users abandon the webpage and actually force them to find a competitors website because they will be left unanswered. Moreover, slow websites create frustration and you will unlikely see that customer return. For a good user experience, your website needs to be fast. Studies have also seen that faster websites helps you convert more, therefore, the slower your website, the less money you will make.

  • Why can't I see my webpages on Google?

  • You can run a check to see what webpages Google has indexed on their search engine, if some of your pages are not showing then you must do some digging to find out why. Some reasons may be, are your pages outlined in your sitemap XML file? Have you got Google Search Console setup? Are your webpages new? Do you comply with Google's guidelines? Once you know the reason, you can make the relevant changes and get all of your pages indexed by Google.

  • How Important is SEO in 2021?

  • SEO, the same as in 2020, 2019, 2018 and since the beginning of time, has always been important. Therefore, SEO in 2021 is still extremely important to succeed in business. SEO grows your organic traffic, which leads to better advertising of your products and services and helps you stay competitive in your indusry. Absolute Websites can help you get to the first page of search engines like Google and your business will benefit from it.

  • What is SEO Consulting?

  • SEO is not a straightforward term, this is highlighted by Google as they express there are over 200 factors to take into consideration when ranking a website. Additionally, SEO strategies are constantly changing to keep up with search engine algorithm changes. Some strategies that may have worked 12 months ago, may not work now.

    As an SEO consultant in Cyprus, Absolute Websites can provide professional ongoing support for your company to succeed and have a strong online presence. We are up-to-date with SEO and closely monitor any changes, therefore, we can assess our client's situation and provide up-to-date and relevant SEO advice to improve it.

  • Is SEO Worth Paying for?

  • This all depends on how much you wish your business to succeed, the competitiveness of business has grown in all industries and everyone is either online or getting online these days. Therefore, with SEO, you can easily fall short to competition and get lost in a saturated market.

    An easy option is to choose PPC ads, because they work and have short-term effects. However, they are expensive and it is not a sustainable long-term method for any business. Ads rack up costs of competing against other companies, whereas SEO, you can get first and keep you there, it is your SEO that appeals to users, shows that your website is helpful to customers, if you are on the first page of Google because of SEO, then your webpage is user friendly.

    Therefore, yes, SEO is worth every cent you put into it. It may seem bias coming from an SEO company, however, our SEO services contain solid proof of a ROI, supporting the benefits and necessity of investing in SEO.

  • Is SEO Worth it for a Small Business?

  • The short answer, yes. Why? Well big businesses have the budgets and brand awareness already, they can spend 1000s on ads and keep pumping their ad spend. However, as a small business you need to find a way to compete against the already established competition. You can simply outrank them by having a more optimised website for search engines. An effective SEO strategy will help your company build up and gain organic traffic to attract potential customers.

  • How does a Blog Help with SEO?

  • A blog is one of the best ways to improve your SEO. A blog offers relevant and informative content for your users, it produces new content and can contain your keywords that you want people to search for. These all add up to great ranking factors for Google. We recommend posting at least 1 blog per week to keep up the new ranking content for your users and for search engines.

  • Can I Run SEO services for 1 Month and then Stop and then Start Again?

  • We strongly advise against this process because SEO is an ongoing service, a marathon, not a sprint. It needs time to generate results and to see the impact on search engines. By stopping your SEO strategy after a month, you will lose momentum that other competitors can take advantage of.

  • Is PPC Better than SEO?

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) is good to get users to your website and works in the short-term. However, it invovles the process of paying for each click a user makes, which can add up to a hefty monthly advertising bill.

    The great thing about organic growth and SEO is that, in the long-run you will generate free traffic, therefore, your ROI will be much better off.

  • Shall I do PPC or SEO?

  • Both services can help your business grow and, at some points, both will be necessary to invest in. However, it depends on your objectives and goals. If you are running a promotion for a specific month, then PPC can help. But, if you wish to grow your business for the long-term and create a more scalable and sustianble line of operations, SEO is your go-to.

    Our professional SEO consultants can provide advice and support into which is the best service for your business, depending on your objectives.

  • How can I Re-Design my Website and not Lose SEO Juice?

  • SEO juice, referring to the SEO value and quality of your webpages, can be preserved with the right web designers. We understand that sometimes you need to update your branding, refresh your web design or even develop a new website, but you need to keep that link juice flowing. We can implement the right steps for you to preserve as much SEO as possible if you are investing in a new web design project.

  • I have just Entered the Local Market, how can I Increase my SEO?

  • If your company is new to an area, you can kickstart your business with local SEO (if you are targetting a local audience). Local SEO focuses on the local region around your company, using specific locaiton-specific keywords and creating content that can help grow your business locally. If you are interested in growing your website's traffic and increasing your awareness locally, then you can contact our SEO team today for a consultation.

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