Pay Per Click Advertising

Get your website to the top of search engines with targeted ads that generate revenue and increase your ROI with optimised advertising campaigns.

What is our Pay Per Click Advertising Service?

Run accurate and targeted social media and Google ads that promote your products and services to the right audience. Our paid advertising strategy involves three core features that have been proven to generate results:



Our experts analyse your company, your audience and specific keywords that your potential customers are searching for. We generate a report that outlines key areas where your social media or Google ads can best perform. Beat your competition with dedicated ads analysis.



Your paid ads outline is then set into motion. Our online advertising professionals execute your planned advertising campaign. This involves the setup of Google, Facebook or any platform you are using to run ads on and the correct configuration to implement your ads strategy.



Importantly, we monitor your running ads campaign and optimise them according to how your audience reacts to them. We can carry out A/B variation tests to see what your audience favours and how we can use their reactions to your ads to best promote your products or services.


Benefits of using Paid Ads

Using paid ads across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more can help you spread your products and services into highly saturated markets. Ads allow you to spread your reach and increase your revenue while standing out from the rest.

Generate Leads

Attract more customers, more leads and increase your revenue with our detailed social media and Google ads strategies.

First Page

Always befound through pay per click advertising and be on the first page of search engine results. Grab the opportunity today.

New Markets

Effectively push your products or services into new markets across, diversifying your audience, with keyword optimised advertising campaigns.

Stand Out

Make sure your products or services stand out in saturated markets by being at the top of search engines with paid advertising, ahead of your competition.

Our Paid Advertising Process

Our pay per click ads process includes detailed research, keyword optimisation and data-driven audience targeting to ensure effective results.


Ad Campaign Optimisation

We optimise your ads strategy through research and analysis. Thorough keyword research, industry analysis and an audience outreach is undertaken in order to fully plan, strategise and optimise your paid ads campaign.


Ad Campaign Execution

Your ads campaign will be executed, each serving its independent purpose, from quality leads to increased traffic, it is important to set and measure your ads execution against your target goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Ad Campaign Tracking

Our team analyses and monitors your ad campaigns, understanding what your audience reacts better to and we create more specialised and targeted ads from this data through A/B variation testing, keyword grouping and more.


Ad Re-Targeting

With the data collected from previous campaigns we can take a data-driven approach to your next ads campaign and strategy. We can use current data to see what your audience clicks on, what your users react to and map out a new strategy that will drive more results.

Types of Advertising Campaigns

Our experts can create unique advertising campaigns across the following platforms, contact us today for your free consultation.

  • TickGoogle
  • TickFacebook/Instagram
  • TickLinkedIn
  • TickBing
  • TickYouTube
  • TickTwitter

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