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Where is the Buzz

This new concept has redefined traditional engagement with the news. Young black millennials can now have access to the latest and greatest information across social media platforms. Where Is The Buzz (WTB) is taking social media by storm, already with over 100,000 followers across social media, this news platform is not one to be missed. WTB is re-adjusting the normative outlook on news, the traditional, boring and negative news that we have all come to dread. So how has it reshaped the news as we see it today? The tactics that this agency employs relates to the younger generations, to the millennials and Gen Z’s. Combining social media with relevant and up-to-date news with easy access from any device, WTB is your go-to news companion.

The Vision

WTB was recently founded by Wayne Ayers II in 2017 with a vision to provide pinpoint news for young black millennial’s. His vision didn’t stop at just providing information to younger people in the same parallel conformity that traditional news agencies do. WTB goes one step further and attempts to envisage a community where people can use this platform to freely express themselves. Wayne believes in a decentralised news platform where freedom of speech is pivotal. The agency’s focus stems on the belief system that it can provide state-of-the-art information and a platform for confident expression. The overriding focus draws on entertainment and investigative stories, two subjects that are extremely sought after by millennial’s. This unapologetic media company sets out to change conventionality and create its own sphere of influence through reliable and relevant information.

“Ego Lead to Self-Destruction”

Venturing New Heights

This one-stop shop for fast and reliable news has already broken barriers with its achievements. Since its formation, WTB has been rapidly growing and now with a staggering 100,000 followers +, it seems that there is no limit to what this news agency can achieve. Furthermore, WTB has been the focal point of many more feats, such as being featured in various prestigious publications. Publications such as, but not limited to, The Huffington Post, Ebony Magazine and Black Enterprise. Since 2017 Where Is The Buzz has been making an name for itself, and a positive one at that. Additionally, WTB was the official news critic for STX’s ‘The Upside’ and it was directly recognised by famous celebrity Kevin Hart. The recognition received is an indication of the ethos that this news agency attempts to portray. It is known for its reliable news and it is used by many to truly express themselves. Recently, WTB have had viral interviews with the magnificent Sandra Bullock and talented Angela Bassett.

One Step at a Time

This revolutionary media outlet is paving the way forward for a newer realm of news and information one step at a time. Its ideology is ground-breaking and paints a positive picture on the news of tomorrow. WTB is new, established, accredited, accomplished and, importantly, making a stance on the news industry of today. The unregulated nature of pure and fresh news is a rare sight for many, however this fast and relevant information-generating media outlet is providing the younger generations with alternative and reliable info. The future is bright for this company and it may just be the start of a movement where we see many other agencies attempt to combine the social aspects of social media platforms with the informative and relevant news we see every day. WTB adopts a much needed mentality as a news outlet by not being afraid to touch on any subjects. The freedom their writers have reinforce this unregulated outlet, highlighting the premium nature of the information.

Have you had your chance to express yourself yet?

Written by Jack Evangelides, Founder of Absolute Websites

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