Millennials helping Mothers build Credit and Lease Vehicles

PTG365 is the latest company to steer its way to helping others, more specifically, single mothers who have usually struggled with bad credit. Founded by these three millennials: Brandon Medford, Dave Obaseki and Eric Whitehead, their automotive dealership has core family values as its ethos. PTG365 specialises in luxury automobiles with a mass inventory to cater to everyone. Their aim is to simplify the entire car buying experience, from approval to drive-off. Giving back to the community is the overriding mission for these 3 millennials and to give others a better way of life at a realistic price. Everyone deserves to drive their dream car and hard realities of society shouldn’t be a barricade to stopping someone from achieving their dream.

Not just a Car Dealership

PTG365 allows for car rentals, leasing and buying of luxury cars, however, it is more than that. The journey of getting a car can be a tedious one, with hefty paperwork, credit checks, jargon that no one understands and other barriers. However, Brandon, Dave and Eric decided to streamline the process, bring the best of automobiles and make them all inclusive for everyone to be able to afford. So why hasn’t anyone done this before? PTG365 maintains its niche through their connections with manufacturers and banks, on top of their ability to approve clients within 24hours. The company’s structure works on close relationships with suppliers and customers. This simple yet effective structure has gained the company net worth of $1.2 million in the first year. But, with giving back to the community, PTG365 also offer services such as financing, credit repair, accidents and insurance to fully support the whole experience when purchasing an automobile. This New York based enterprise that has already expanded to Los Angeles, Florida and Atlanta is taking America by storm!

All Inclusive

Luxury cars have traditionally been surrounded with the misconception that only people with wealth can afford, that they are simply a pipeline dream for the ‘everyday’ person. Moreover, those with a less than ideal credit score would have no chance of even reaching their dreams of owning a luxury car. PTG365 recognised this and established itself to overcome the barricades of wealth, poor credit rating and other factors that may prevent someone from getting the car of their dreams. In the last year alone, this company has helped over 100 single mothers attain affordable luxury cars to better provide for their children and families. The ethos of the company lies in giving back to the community and this has helped spur the popularity and credibility of PTG365. In turn, the great work that these millennials have accomplished has reflected in their clientele as they work with many celebrities. From celebrities such as Rich the Kid, Isaiah Whitehead of the Brooklyn Nets, DJ Sprinkle and Sean Patrick Jr. from the Chicago Bulls. This long list of celebrities that have already discovered this young company will continue to rise as the company leaves its mark on America.

Behind the Scenes

It is a refreshing sight to witness such a young company with such strong values of helping the everyday family, and, more so, lending a helping hand to those who need it the most. The three men that made all of this happen have the relevant experience from working in car dealerships, but they all derive from households that have both parents, so their desire to help families that were less fortunate and had more blockades came from a great sense of empathy. It will be incredible to witness what PTG365 with these three millennials can achieve over the next through years. So much has already been accomplished and they look forward to helping more people every day to achieve their dreams. If you’re looking for your dream car, get in touch with PTG365 at

Written By Jack Evangelides, CEO of Absolute Websites

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