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May Habib – Leading by Example

International Women’s Day is a day of gratitude, reflection and acknowledgement. We, as a society, are grateful for all the incredible women around the world, for their hard work, courage and strength. We reflect upon the past struggles and difficulties that women have overcome and the barrier that they have knocked down. We acknowledge that the fight is not over, that journey to equality is still ongoing, many, if not all, countries need to do more to support women and their struggles to reach equality in society.

To signify International Women’s Day 2021, this article will look towards May Habib, CEO and Co-Founder of Writer (formerly known as Qordoba), an AI writing assistant company that supports businesses all around the world. So, what do we know about May Habib?

An Exceptional Journey

May Habib is an exceptionally smart woman and this was reflected in her academic life, she attended the prestigious Harvard University, graduating with high honours in Economics, which was then followed by landing a respectable job at Lehman Brothers as an Analyst. After working at Lehman Brothers for just under 2 years, Ms. Habib’s talents were not overlooked as she moved to become the Vice President for Mubadala Development company in 2009, where she would stay for 4 years.

Ms. Habib’s achievements in work and life extended beyond business as she became a member of the World Economic Forum in 2011, already establishing her desire for a better world, a desire for equality. By March 2015, May Habib became the Co-Founder of Qordoba, a well-known and highly used AI-powered content software, helping companies write more consistent and concise content according to their brand voice. This significant feat named Ms. Habib’s company as one of Forbes’ Cloud 100 Rising Stars in 2018. In addition to this, Qordoba’s significant growth also led the company to earn a spot on the Arabia Growth 500 list for both 2013 and 2014. Ms. Habib herself was the recipient of the young CEO of the Year Award from Arabian Business Magazine and named in the Top 30 Under 30 business leaders list. In 2020 Qordoba became and is now known as ‘Writer’ the AI-writing company that helps thousands of customers around the globe create better content for their businesses.

An Inspiration

Ms. Habib currently stands as the Co-Founder and CEO of Writer and is now using her position to inspire and create change in a system that does not stand to help working mothers. May Habib’s stance on helping working women and especially working mothers is progressive and one that should be noticed by all. Ms. Habib believes in “government-funded daycare” as an initiative to support all working mothers who have to balance childcare and a full-time job. She hopes for working mothers in positions of power to use their platform and make an impact in the business world, helping all mothers who have to balance both childcare and a full-time job.

“It’s a stake in the ground to women at all levels in the organization, you can work here even if your home life is a full-time job, too. Fund more women founders.” – Tech Republic

A Day for Change

International Women’s Day should channel thought-leaders and people in the position of power to make changes to the workplace and everyday life where women are at a disadvantage. A history of inspiration women has led to this day and we look to continue the fight of providing a better life for the next generation of women, to inspire the young girls of today to grow up and become whatever they want, without barriers and restrictions and without gender inequality. So for now, we call to the leaders and to the everyday person to use today as a means to create change, a change that can create a better future for all girls and women alike.

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