Keep Your Feet on the Ground and Keep Reaching for the Stars

It is no surprise that hard-work and determination, more often than not, end in success in one form or another. Success is relative to the beholder and personal achievements are the steps we take to become successful. Whether it is receiving a promotion from a minimum wage job or putting yourself in the relevant crowds, these little movements and steps we take are a means to an end. Keeping your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars perfectly encapsulates Bradford Roublow’s story. Bradford’s journey speaks volumes to those around him, watching his rise to success through struggles and hardships. It is this perseverance of an individual that shapes them to become successful in more than one definition. So how has Bradford landed a job with Sony Entertainment?

Early Beginnings

Before we witness the glamour and glory it is vital to address where Bradford came from, what shaped his journey and led him down the path to where he resides today. Bradford is currently a 25-year-old African American Business Owner, owning an Entertainment and Management Company – Bentley Barz Entertainment – however, his situation wasn’t always so refreshing. Bradford began his journey, unaware of where he would end up, as a Waffle House waiter, earning a mere $2.97 /hour. This, for most, is not a sustainable wage and can demoralise any hopes and dreams of becoming successful, however, no matter the situation, Bradford had his eyes on the prize and gripped tight the reigns of his future success. One way or another, this inspirational man would get what he wanted.

A small feat, but a worthy one, Bradford began his second job at O’Reily’s Auto Parts as a Cashier in which he was earning $7.50 /hour. It still may not seem a lot but for Bradford it was a stepping stone to his success. Success comes in all shapes and sizes and this was most definitely one of them. The path was bright for Bradford, even if he did not know it, better things were to come, due to his determination, perseverance and undeniable vision.

The Entertainment Industry

With a desire to work in entertainment Bradford had to get himself in the right scenes, connect with the right people, that can help him get where he wants to be. Bradford began with a small home studio which was fully operated out of his 2-bedroom apartment in New Orleans. Being a realist means that you understand your situation, no matter the problems that come with it, but you stay optimistic, knowing that one day everything will change. Bradford graduated from Loyola University and eventually held, which he still does to this day, the position of Committee Member for the Music Industry Forum. These significant steps and maneuvers within the relevant industry shaped his future and put him on the right path.

Bradford started making bold movements once he was entangled in the Entertainment industry. He landed himself a job at Live Nation Entertainment and dabbed into investing in real estate with his mum whilst he drew up plans for Bentley Barz Entertainment. In most recent events, Bradford is now at Sony, which is a huge feat to land in the Entertainment industry. Looking back from the Waffle House to Sony Entertainment shows a long journey of fight and courage.

“What God has for you, no one can take it away,” – Isaiah 54:17

 The Next Gen

Bradford’s journey was a process of hardships and came with many trials and tribulations, however, he always wanted to portray that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Bradford’s journey should be sigils for success that others can use for inspiration and purpose. A meaningful driving factor for Bradford was his family, working in tandem with his mum for the greater good and, in 2018, he was blessed with a daughter. Now with his family, Bradford was and is determined to leave behind a legacy. The pure resilience of Bradford is refreshing to witness and everything he relishes himself in is much deserved, a successful young man with many more accomplishments that will come his way. If you are in a similar situation remember this story, remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and hold on tight to your desires. United we stand, divided they conquer.

Written by Jack Evangelides, CEO of Absolute Websites

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