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J. White: From Struggles to Survival – the Music Revival

J. White aka ‘J. White Did It’ opens up on his journey to success, fighting through depression and how the beat of music kept the beat in his step. Famously known for producing alongside Cardi. B, with hit tracks such as ‘Money’ J. White, is making a name for himself in the industry. This unique producer truly believes in his music, in his work. From simple riff techniques that build up suspense, J. White produces music as each track is a journey, perhaps a reflection on his own story. It’s refreshing to witness a humble producer that only has the motive of doing well and enjoying life. However, life has not always been so kind to J. White.

“I just let the spirit guide me; I just go with the flow, man. So if I feel like playing piano first or lighting some candles or doing jumping jacks, I do that. There can be no set rule for me making music.”

2015 saw J. Whites’s mother pass away due to domestic violence, sending him into a stream of depression, clinging on to life by a thread. This era, as J. White recalls, was “one of the lowest years of [his] life.” This is also reflected in a couple attempts of suicide that J. White struggled with, intertwined with a music career that hadn’t really taken off, the road he was heading down was a dark one. However, the fight in J. White was still lit, he believed in his talent enough to keep going and his unique producing style kept the wheels turning.

It was one life-changing phone call that saw J. White fly out to Brooklyn and this saw him cross paths with up-and-coming rapper Cardi. B. Rekindling the fire with his old friend Klenord ‘Shaft’ Raphael, a producer at the time they initially met in 2005, led to the introduction with Cardi B. J. White stunned both Shaft and Cardi. B with his producing whilst he visited Brooklyn and it was from that moment that they were both destined for greatness. It wasn’t just about talent, but about belief and hunger, they both internally had.

“I began to work with her and I believed in what she believed in. We just all became one big happy family, and marched on to the promised land.”

Although in works with Cardi. B, their journey was not easy. A few misfire tracks and hiccups along the road with releases such as ‘What Girls Like’ and ‘Lick’, they never gave up their beliefs. They believed in themselves and their abilities and knew it was only a matter of time before people started to feel their music. It wasn’t until they released ‘Bodak Yellow’ that they saw a glimpse into a future of success, climbing the billboards to the top 10 in the country. This brought major relief on the producer as he knew his music was finally and rightfully being recognised. However, J. White’s hunger kept him going, kept him aiming high and his music paved the way forward for more greatness.

J. White’s career had reached heights that he was left in tears by, he was the successful man he always knew he could be. He worked with the likes of Mary J. Blige “a legendary singer of our time,” and Rhianna, one of the most successful artists of the 21st century. Another huge achievement for J. White was producing Cardi. B’s ‘Money’ as this track took off, opening up even more opportunities and a robust future for J. White. Additionally, J. White’s career has produced him with a Grammy for his work in production that led to Cardi. B’s hit single ‘I Like It’. The only thing we can ask now is, what is next? Or better yet, who is next? Who is next to work with J.White, this young and aspiring producer who really has changed the scenery for the next generations to come.

“You just never know where your path and your life is gonna lead you, but it’s all for one big purpose. We just gotta play our part, you know? I am nothing but a tool and a vessel on this earth to spread positive energy.”

Written By Jack Evangelides, Founder of Absolute Websites

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