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Iddris Sandu – The Technological Architect who is changing the Narrative

Iddris Sandu is one of the brightest young minds that the 21st century has the pleasure of witnessing. Through his own personal experiences he has logically deducted what he believes to be the overriding issues of society today and sets his sights on overturning them. This Architect is attempting to bridge the gap between the informed and uninformed, switching the narrative from consumer to creator, all through the power of information. With a desire to decentralise technology and provide opportunities for all to take part in the technological wonders that we all have come to love day by day.

Iddris Sandu – Early Beginnings

Iddris Sandu is a name not to be forgotten. Inspired by the first-ever iPhone and its capabilities, his love for technology and, moreover, the utilisation of technology grew. However, the invention of the iPhone also taught him the limitations of a technology that is only available to the middle-class. But where did it all begin? From the early age of 10 years, old Iddris began his self-teaching through the ironic traditional means of a library. For the next 2 years, he would spend his days learning “every single programming language,” the power of accessible information provides an unlimited platform in which your only limitation is your imagination. It was through his studies at the library which perked the interest of a Google employee which resulted in the opportunity of a lifetime, an internship at Google, a foot in the door of unlimited potential, only at the age of 13. However, even from such a young age, Iddris aspired to do more, Google was a significant stepping-stone that reaffirmed his inherent belief to help people. He wanted to become the creator and not simply a consumer and he acknowledged that it was in our hands to create, when you switch off the distractions and the easy lifestyle of being a consumer, when you question what is next, you can then start planning for the future. These foundations led Iddris to the creation of an app, at the age of 15, which allowed students at his high school to navigate to their classrooms, giving them turn-by-turn directions. This achievement was fundamental to his future success and influenced future projects that were to come. Significantly, as a result, he won the Presidential Scholar Award, this was an incredible achievement and at such a young age. It was evident from then that Iddris had a bright future ahead of him.

Playing with the Big Boys

Iddris continued to rise and by the age of 18 he had written algorithms that were to be used by Instagram and he was consulting for Snapchat. In the technological industry, these giant social media companies are at the top of the food chain. Iddris once again proved that he is capable of far more than what he has already achieved. His achievements are a reaction to his brilliant mindset of being a creator, an influencer and an Architect. By 19 his career continued to rise, he was now involved with Uber where he created an algorithm called ACDI (Autonomous Collision Detection Interface). By 19 years old Iddris had worked with 4 of the biggest tech companies in the world and still had the same humble values that reaffirmed his belief of helping others create, instead of indulging in an environment of money and power. He wanted, and still wants, to create a society where people have access to information and don’t limit themselves to simply being a consumer. He is transferring the power into our own hands, changing our narratives and spreading much-needed optimism.

Knowledge is Power

Iddris had his time working with the top, but now it was time to give back and to provide opportunities for all to change. He focused his abilities on bridging the gap between the informed and the uninformed. Spreading the power of information and, furthermore, the creativity of using this information.

“The next tech leaders are going to come from Africa. Why? Because they are exposed to problems which they have the solutions to,”

Iddris desired to decentralise technology and, through this, provide opportunities for the lower classes to utilise what society has to offer. His philosophy is powerful, providing and life-changing. This paradigm shift that he is attempting to initiate, the shift from consumerism to becoming your own creator, enhancing the drive for invention and creativity, can alter the life of the younger generations and, in turn, shape our future on a global scale.

From Present to Future

Indulging in the philosophy of “information is one of the highest forms of class” Iddris has begun to pave the way forward of accomplishing his architectural dreams. His recent projects consist of combining creative arts with technology. Furthermore, in collaboration with Hip Hop artist Nipsey Hussle, they joined forces to create a ‘Smart-Store’ whereby if you purchase an exclusive item of clothing from the shop; you will also receive an exclusive song, accessible via an app on your phone. This ideology, to combine technology with immense creativity, provides a realm of unlimited possibilities. Additionally, Iddris Sandu is focussed on educating young people through the means of workshops. By endorsing his philosophy, you are opening your mind up to unlimited potentials. He lives in the unconventionality of life, creating against the norm is simply an alternative to a fixed system that has been in place since the industrial revolution and, potentially, before then. Changing the norms of the working day, of the working mind, of the education available, have serious implications that can alter our future for the better.

“Equip yourself with every form of information. All information is good.” – Iddris Sandu.

Through the understanding of mass information and the right applications, you can create anything. I, and I am sure many others, look forward to this young man’s future and what he can achieve.


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