Holistic Skincare Company Helping Children with Autism in the Caribbean

Deanne Santiago and Janet Frederick, a mother-daughter duo, inspire the notion that doing what you love pays off. They have shown that having a hobby, combined with passion and a business mentality can be all you need to launch your own business. What started off as simply an arts and craft hobby, blossomed into a million-dollar skincare business, known as Lulu’s Holistics, which launched two years ago.

Janet Frederick, the owner of Lulu’s Holistics began her journey humbly, creating her products in her kitchen. When the products started doing well, her daughter who was doing eyelash extensions, decided to turn her mother’s craft into a business and market it. Deanne was inspired by her mother, Janet Frederick, from whom she learned a lot. Growing up, Santiago would watch Frederick, who is vegan and practices methods to heal the body, creating and experimenting in their kitchen. Unbeknown to Frederick, she had planted the seed that would bloom to be a very fruitful business, as what began as a mother-daughter bonding activity received overwhelming attention, and rapidly transformed into a business.

A fundamental notion that inspires Lulu’s Holistics is that skin is beautiful, precious and should be delicately cared for. Santiago realised that a person’s skin is very often the first thing that people notice about one another and ‘first impressions really do matter’. Noticeably, many people turn to make-up as a short-term solution to dealing with their skin, however, Santiago felt it was important to encourage people to care for their skin for the long term. Henceforth, Santiago followed that same mentality and began to create products with a holistic approach to skincare.

The products at Lulu’s Holistics are uniquely handmade containing only organic substances, meaning that they provide more than just aesthetic benefits to one’s skin, but rather, these products can possibly treat deep-rooted problems. The business is a family ran, and therefore, creating such products is unsurprisingly a lot of hard work. A typical workday for Santiago averages 16-18 hours, nonetheless, her passion for what she is working for and trying to inspire gives her the mental strength to keep going. 

Santiago has explained that her mother is just as passionate about and driven by the business, leading to Fredericks decision to take online classes to learn more. The determination and drive behind Santiago and Frederick inspire many to find passion in what you do for a living, and that no dream, nor goal, is ever too big or far if one is willing to put in the hard work to achieve it. Lulu’s Holistics officially launched in 2017 online and they have since, opened two stores, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and in the Bronx, New York. Although Lulu’s Holistics has already proven to be successful, Santiago’s plans don’t stop there, as she strives to expand further, preparing to open a third store whilst she also advertises on billboards in New York and Jamaica.

Santiago’s business is more than just a means for money. She wants to use the attention that Lulu’s Holistics generates as a platform, in which she can share charitable causes that she is moved by and passionate about. Santiago has two twin sisters who have autism and whilst she is currently sponsoring a school that works with autism, she wants to raise awareness about autism in the Caribbean. Santiago and Frederick’s humble start reminds us of what is important in life; family and passion. They were able to use their resources wisely and ultimately created a million-dollar business from their kitchen.

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