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GSHYTT & Young
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In the latest news of the entertainment business, there are two young hip-hop artists who are taking the stage by storm. Reese Nance, also known as GSHYTT, and Young, are the brothers that have started up their own major record label, God Familia, after consistent success within the entertainment industry. These fellow artists have proved to the rest of the world that you can succeed with enough determination, belief and a positive mindset. Reese’s fame began from simple auditions and dance shows, which grew to starring in popular dance films such as: Stomp the Yard and Honey 2. Now the pair have their own major record label and are living the good life. However, there is some unconventionality concerning these two artists. Their humble beginnings and continuous fight have morally aligned these brothers to want to reach out and help others. Don’t let their fame and success blindside you from the fact that they have given back to the community in a multitude of ways to better the lives of thousands of people.  

Nothing good is ever easy

Although not directly related, these artists are as close as brothers. Young and GSHYTT grew up together, resulting in a professional and family-like relationship. However, life wasn’t always full of fame and fortune. Reese’s background portrays him as an icon for future success no matter your situation. He proves that when life gets you down and when you think all is lost, that is when you will find your calling, it is these situations that will shape who you are and what you can achieve.

“Every defeat, disappointment, and adversity you face carries the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit”

From homelessness to wholesomeness Reese’s experience in his youth shaped him to become the successful artist he is today. From riding bicycles over 10 miles a day just for football practice to being robbed at gunpoint at the age of 5, Reese never let anything get him down. Patiently waiting in the shadows to make his move, to find his voice. His education gave him the guidance for a path he was destined to take, he won rap talent shows at his middle school, graduated university with a degree in Acting and eventually, after a lot of fight and perseverance, he earned himself a spot on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

“Man sometimes I just look in the sky and be like how did I get chosen to do something of this magnitude. Thank you GOD. I dont take any of this for granted. Still a lot more work to do”

No matter how successful Young and GSHYTT become, they’ll never stop working, determined to reach their goals and focused on helping others succeed.

Rightful Heirs to the Limelight

The success stories of these two individuals are endless and still continue to this day. Starring in Stomp the Yard and Honey 2 are only two examples of Reese’s success. He navigated his way amongst famous celebrities such as Rhianna in which he starred in her famous anti-Samsung commercial. Furthermore, he starred in other commercials in partnership with popular icons such as LeBron James and he even danced for Beyonce and Ciara. Additionally, he performed the official rap for the MTV European Music Awards and is currently promoting his latest single ‘Grapes’. However, all of these achievements amount to the formation of God Familia, the record label that he and Young started and it has grown in popularity and prestige day by day. But this dynamic duo shares more than just fame and riches and it is important to understand the overriding reason that they got into the entertainment industry, to have a positive impact on people worldwide.

The Art of Giving back

Reese and Young filmed a music video in Zimbabwe and it was after this that they realised the true beauty of the African continent. The success of their music hit in Zimbabwe leads the duo to put on free shows across the country. Furthermore, they connected with local all-female schools to provide sanitary supplies for over 300 women. The hardships that were endured led to a strong focus on providing the best opportunities for females and single-mothers, allowing them the same opportunities that he had, to be educated or to have access to education.

“My purpose is to have a positive impact on people worldwide.”

Moreover, the brothers recently donated $20,000 dollars to the Nigerian dance group, Dream Catchers, in which Young resides on the board of directors. They do not only want to provide success stories to others by throwing money around, but by actually mentoring, guiding and teaching others to become the best that they can be. Other incredible acts of kindness that Young and Reese enacted were: creating music with a popular blind group in Zimbabwe, starting non-profits and overall, connecting with the people of Africa, across the entire continent. These two artists show that no matter how successful you are, you can always and should always give back to help others achieve their dreams. I personally hope that as more people see fame and fortune they also provide a helping hand in the way that Young and GSHYTT have. The only way is up for these two and I look forward to seeing them spread a much-needed positivity across the globe.

Written By Jack Evangelides, Founder of Absolute Websites

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