From Teen Mum to Top Chef: Mum succeeds in Restaurant Business


Lenora Chung and Larry Morrow, this mother and son dynamic duo have used their brilliance to come together and create one of the most notable restaurants in New Orleans. Their incredible story is nothing short of every mother’s dream, to work hand-in-hand with their son, not only a humble family business, but a successful one. The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive markets to operate in, and, moreover, this 1-year old company had a lot to prove to make a name for themselves throughout New Orleans. Success is never an easy feat, therefore it is important to dive into the details that led Lenora and Larry to happiness and fame in many industries. So how did this dynamic duo instigate such a prosperous company in just over 1 year?

Early Days

It is important to trace back to what shapes a person; how is someone the way they are today? The answer, in its most simplistic form, is experience. A person’s individual experience has the ability to shape, mould and guide them down a path of choices where they can either grow or become defeated by hardships. Well, for Lenora Chung she transformed into a strong, successful and independent woman through her life’s experiences. From the age of 17 Lenora was a single mother to not 1 but 2 children. A 17-year-old with 2 children and still in school provides a basis for many hardships, however, this did not keep her down, but rather, it motivated her to become the inspiration that she is today. Lenora finished school and entered the world of entrepreneurship, through her parents, who owned a pizza shop in the city. However, things took a spiralling turn when her father passed away, yet in the face of adversity, this family did what they do best, and that is to overcome and to prevail.

Larry’s Beginnings

With Lenora’s father passing away, this gave Larry, the only male in the family, a vast amount of responsibility, more than anyone of his age at the time should endure. Yet the tenacity that runs in the blood of this family kept him going, he stepped up and looked after his family, taking care of his mother, grandmother and sister. Larry took the decision to drop out of college, a bold move but one that was taken in great spirit. Larry began weaving his path down the road of entrepreneurship to help provide for the family, working various jobs from valet to clothing retail shops.

Yet, it wasn’t until Larry stepped into the entertainment industry that he found his calling. He turned being a promoter into a full-time business, taking the nightlife promotion industry by storm. His brand grew stupendously, eventually attracting some of the biggest names in show biz, such as Floyd Mayweather, Drake, Mary J. Blige and more. However, Larry did not stop here, he wisely used his profits and invested them into becoming a serial entrepreneur, becoming one of the youngest millionaires in New Orleans.

A Family Reunion

Lenora and Larry put their heads together, she came with a strong appetite for business and was a well-known chef, while he brought a multitude of connections from the entertainment industry. Larry’s connections and Lenora’s cooking and business talent together established Morrow’s one of the top 5 restaurant’s in New Orleans according to GQ. This authentic New Orleans-style cuisine, intertwined with Korean dishes, became a hot spot for many big names. Such as Drake and Ella Mai, many celebrities stopped by to witness this successful restaurant. Morrow’s has only been in operation for just over a year and shows no signs of slowing down. Larry has also dabbed into real estate and being an author, building his personal brand with over 70,000 followers.

This mother-son dynamic duo gives a breath of fresh air for many to witness. It is always a refreshing sight to see a family business, especially when it is successful and recognised. Most people see only the success that people have and don’t look to what formed it, to the struggles and hardships. For Lenora Chung and Larry Morrow, they fought for what they have, their strong will and determination have overcome everything that was thrown their way. The future is bright for the happy family and especially for the young restaurant in question.

Written By Jack Evangelides, CEO of Absolute Websites

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