Diishan Imira

From Rags to Riches – Diishan Imira’s Inspiring Hustle for Hair

Diishan Imira is the 37-year-old entrepreneur who never gave up on his dream to live in Silicon Valley as a beacon for success. It’s hard to imagine the fight, the hustle and the pure determination that successful people carry with them, blinded by fame and fortune, it is important to delve into the grit of what made them who they are today. Diishan Imira is no different, he fought for what he has and has earned every penny hustling his way to the top, striving for success. No matter the dips and turns of life, his will and determination shone through as he built his million-dollar company, Mayvenn, a one-stop shop for all your hair needs. Mr. Imira navigated his way through the hair industry, filling a niche in the market that he saw and took the opportunity by the throat. However, his perseverance was frequently tested as his journey took many twists and tumbles.

The Chinese Factor

Diishan grew up from a single household parent and relished through his educational years, attending Hampton University with a whole world of ideas on his shoulders. Post-graduation Diishan found himself moving to China, a bold move for a young man unsure of his unraveling ventures. He spent his time in China teaching English to 4th and 5th graders, a job that comes with lots of experiences and forms a unique skillset in a culturally diverse country. What Mr. Imira was about to witness was his first glimpse of opportunity and he found it all the way in China.

His aptitude for hustling, for making money for providing business begun in China as he started to import sneakers, sending them back to his hometown of Oakland as a side job from his teaching. Diishan’s work ethic continued to grow as he saw potential in this market.

The Miami Conundrum

After experiencing small glimpses of success in China, Mr. Imira decided to move to Miami and travel to and from China, this time, to important sofas. He turned his place of comfort, his condo, into a showroom for his products where he began to sell sofas and couches, mainly to people from Craigslist. However, misfortunes in the economy saw his business take a tumble, the market crashed and Diishan moved back home, living with his mum.

The Hustle

Despite the hardships and the glimpse of success from importing and exporting, Diishan didn’t give up, didn’t drop his head, he fought in whatever situation that he was in and continued until he was inevitably successful. He had many side hustles back home, from valet to yard work, Diishan was determined to get back on his feet. With one eye on Silicon Valley, Diishan made the wise decision to go back to school in order to get his MBA and to educate himself in the world of business. It was at this time that a family member posed a question to Diishan, asking about getting hair extensions from China. This was to be the start of an empire for Diishan.

The Niche

Diishan dabbled into the hair industry, learning the ins and outs, but now with an MBA, he knew what he wanted to do. Diishan started to buy hair from China and selling it out of the trunk of his car. Yes, success stories aren’t all magic and riches, you must build your empire from the bottom up and that is exactly what Mr. Imira did. He decided to visit hair salons, forming partnerships with stylists and making connections in the relevant industry to get people to sell his hair. He was offering a commission on all sales of his hair extensions, so for most, this prospect was favourable. At this point, Diishan noticed that around 95% of black salons didn’t sell any products, including hair. This product was mostly bought and sold on an online market from beauty suppliers. Therefore, in 2013, Mr. Imira launched Mayvenn alongside COO Taylor Wang.

The Mayvenn Story

Mayvenn, an Oakland-based provider of real hair, began to partner with hairstylists from across the country, however, with a focus on extension stylists. Diishan brought together his niche of hair extensions in combination with expert styling. To date, Mayvenn has grown an enormous network of an incredible 50,000 stylists with a net worth of over $100 million. In addition, Mayvenn has also raised an outstanding $36 million. This company is a hot prospect and gained the attention of many high-end and celebrity investors, some of whom are, but not limited to, Serena Williams, Andreesen Horowitz and Steve Stoute.

This eye-opening, strong cored and vibrant company continues to flourish as they recently introduced a game-changing, revolutionary and unprecedented feature. Their new business model now allows for free hair installations. In an attempt to become more competitive and provide its clients with more benefits from a lifelong and loyal company. Mayvenn is, essentially, cutting total costs in half. Customers are a focal point for Mayvenn and their free hair installations support that fact. Consumers are given the freedom to pick and choose their own hairstylist from a network of high-end professional stylists all around the world. All you do is buy the hair and everything that follows is taking care of, this one-stop shop for hair and styling needs is revolutionising the industry.

Check out Mayvenn today for and begin your transformation. 

Written by Jack Evangelides, Founder of Absolute Websites

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