Charmaine Johnise

Charmaine Johnise is the Best of Both Worlds – Taking a Stand against Stereotypes

Charmaine is an inspiring individual who is making a positive mark in the entertainment business. Her experiences have given her the necessary tools to succeed in any given task and allow her to prosper, shaping the powerful woman that she is today. However, like many powerful individuals, her success did not come easy, the transition into the limelight had many hiccups, but with a positive outlook on life and a focus on herself and her capabilities, she steered herself to achieve greatness. Unravelling the story behind Charmaine Johnise, of what made her who she is today, features many different paths, all of which contributed to her success. Failures are just life lessons to help people grow and overcome future troubles, and she knows this more than anyone as she lets nothing get her down, no matter how big or how small, Charmaine is paving the way forward in the right direction.

The Reality of Reality TV

It’s no secret that being on TV subjects you to media backlash, and in this day and age, with the amount of ‘keyboard warriors’ lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce, you are bound to receive criticism. However, one of the many talents that Charmaine has is that she speaks out over the backlash, she remains positive and, in the face of adversity, she changes her perspective on stereotypes. Charmaine is known for many achievements and accomplishments, however, one significant feat in the entertainment business, is her starring on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Being a black woman on TV unfortunately led to a lot of stereotyping, depicting her as inadequate, loud and oversexualised. Nonetheless, Charmaine combats any negativity, whether it is from the press or individuals on social media, she knows who she is and she loves herself.

“People can judge, but that doesn’t really bother me because I know who I am. “

She proves that just because someone is deemed wild, free-spirited and fun, doesn’t mean that you can’t be educated, independent, strong-willed and determined. Because Charmaine is all of these things and more. The vilification of black women on reality TV is countless and it is strong women like Charmaine who are putting their foot down on this patriarchal and demeaning outlook. Many people assume that if you are on reality TV then you can’t be educated or strong-minded or anything other than a sexual object that other uneducated people watch from their homes. However, these misconceptions are ending thanks to Charmaine and her experience, education and abilities speaking louder than words.

“There are so many amazing black women on reality TV who are killing it in their fields. We are badass, we are hard workers, we’re beautiful. We turn up sometimes, yea, but there’s so much more to us and I’m living proof.”

More than Meets the Eye

Charmaine’s accomplishments are to be witnessed by all as she ends all erroneous misconceptions. So who really is Charmaine? Well, she is a woman who launched her own culinary empire, including an online cooking show and an apron line. She is someone who has hosted her own radio show, proving that she is strong-minded and uses her energy, her charisma and her intelligence to succeed in many areas. Success isn’t simply about getting that one opportunity and things falling into place. Success is fought for, it is worked on and it is a mindset, and when you have the characteristics of Charmaine Johnise, then you will find success in all fields, as she has already proven. She gives negativity the slip with her positive attitude and, in turn, she encourages many women to strive for success, to not let others get them down and to just be happy with who you are. Wise words from a wise woman who has given it her all to become a much-loved icon.

“Don’t ever worry about what other people think, just do what you have to do to make you happy.”

Charmaine Johnise is part of a small group of celebrities of whom are using their fame to help better the lives for others. Fame isn’t about what you have or what you receive, but what you give back. By changing the narrative on female perception around reality TV, Charmaine is able to influence many aspiring young women to strive for excellence. It seems like there may be some hope after all for the younger generation rising through the ranks of societal stereotypes and prejudices, thanks to those who are leading the way by perfect example.

Written By Jack EvangelidesFounder of Absolute Websites   

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