Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson – From a Traditional 9-5 to a Serial Entrepreneur

Conventionally speaking, most postgraduates finish university or college with ambitions to become great, to achieve greatness and to land that dream job in the big firm. This story was similar for Mr. Wilson, a business graduate of Binghamton University School of Management, who eventually got his foot in the door at world-renown JP Morgan Chase & Co. However, Aarons journey isn’t as standard as a university graduate landing a dream job, his vision extended way beyond even he could have imagined, trading in a typical nine-to-five desk job for a life of exuberance in the field of serial entrepreneurialism. So how does someone with such a great job make a transition as bold as what Aaron accomplished?

Learning the Trade

As with all great successes in life, it takes experience, diversity, failure and tenacity, Aaron embarked on an epic career that eventually gave him a life of a man with his fingers dipped in major corporations, such as: VomosNakeFit and Soni Resources. However, you don’t just wake up into a life of serial entrepreneurialism. Mr. Wilson gained pivotal experience working in finance at JP Morgan Chase & Co before making a bold transition into human capital consulting & recruiting, a field that would eventually benefit him and his career stupendously. It was evident that Aaron was a smart, likable man, with the skillset to succeed in any given task, this fact is supported by his rise to Director of recruiting, accounting and finance only two years after landing a job at Lloyd Staffing. Yet Aaron’s career was still not fulfilled as he sought experience and knowledge of the tech world.

Life Changing Experiences

With a constant thirst for knowledge, growth and opportunity, Aaron branched out into the tech scene after performing a speaking engagement in New York’s largest technology meetups, the Harlem Tech Week, which is where he made the planned decision to transition to this industry. With a respected background in finance, business and recruiting Aaron found himself a job of Strategic Advisor to the CEO of a company called VOMOS, which specialise in luxury travel. As per usual, Mr. Wilson strived for excellence and with his wit, business acumen and intelligence he managed to recruit the former COO from Victoria Secret Pink, an original member of the team that took the company to $1 billion revenue within 5 years. It was here when Aaron started to get a grand taste and a thirst for serial entrepreneurialism.

Networking and Partnerships

As a serial entrepreneur, Aaron had to stay on the move, keep his eyes open for the next great thing and after much success with VOMOS he partnered up with another serial entrepreneur by the name of Yudhi Gautam. Mr. Wilson saw great potential in Mr. Guatam and his product, adhesive soles, which led them to bring a new product to the shores of America, a revolutionary concept in footwear. NakeFit provided protective footwear to shift the way athletes train, how the masses enjoy time at the beach or at the spa and just an all-round game-changing footwear product. At this time, Aaron had ties with NakeFit and VOMOS, whilst spreading his wings constantly, networking and gaining experience in the world of entrepreneurs.

Serial Entrepreneurialism – Reaching for the Top

Mr Wilson never calmed his ambitions, kept on going and made success after success. In addition to the aforementioned companies, he is intertwined with, Aaron acted as an initial investor in One Eight Consulting LLC, famously known for celebrity styling with ties to Nicki Minaj’s former stylist Sincere Armani. The foundations Wilson received from the business, finance and recruitment gave him a robust framework to succeed as a serial entrepreneur. Mr. Wilson is also interestingly a Director on the board of his family’s tourist attraction, Benta River Falls, Jamaica.

A Beacon for Success and Inspiration

Successes, wealth, fame and intelligence aside, if there is one thing that Mr. Wilson shows to the world is an inspiration. He proves that you can achieve, accomplish and succeed in anything when you have the right desire and appetite for it. He transitioned from industry to industry, leaving behind a trail of experience and achievements that will stay with him forever. The typical nine-to-five was not enough for Aaron, his ambitious mentality and intelligence gave him the tools to transform his life. The only question is, what’s next for Aaron Wilson?

Written by Jack Evangelides, Absolute Websites

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